LYRA, a FILA Company - has been manufacturing Pencils and Colour pencils since 1806.

With the launch of the Beginner Pencil FERBY® and SUPER FERBY®, Lyra has changed the experience of writing and colouring-in by making it an educational aid and preparing the perfect pencil grip. The ergonomic shape and the smooth lead of the Ferby’s will inspire every person.

Many more innovative products of Lyra have been produced – the GROOVE® range of pencils to the Rembrandt Artist range of pencils and Wax crayons and High Quality Fibre tipped pens.

In the FILA range of products you will find the Giotto and Giotto be-bè products with the outstanding quality of writing and colouring-in.

The DAS range of air drying clay concludes the product palette. FOLIA
FILA Stationary
Giotto Stationary Pencils
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